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FSD Beta v11.4.8 Release Notes

FSD Beta v11.4.8 Release Notes
Autopilot Improvements

for Model S, 3, X and Y (Not available in Germany)

Added option to activate Autopilot with a single stalk depression, instead of two, to help simplify activation and disengagement.

Introduced a new efficient video module to the vehicle detection, semantics, velocity, and attributes networks that allowed for increased performance at lower latency. This was achieved by creating a multi-layered, hierarchical video module that caches intermediate computations to dramatically reduce the amount of compute that happens at any particular time.

Improved distant crossing object detections by an additional 6%, and improved the precision of vehicle
detection by refreshing old datasets with better autolabeling and introducing the new video module.

Improved the precision of cut-in vehicle detection by 15%, with additional data and the changes to the video architecture that improve performance and latency.

Reduced vehicle velocity error by 3%, and reduced vehicle acceleration error by 10%, by improving autolabeled datasets, introducing the new video module, and aligning model training and inference more closely.

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Reduced the latency of the vehicle semantics network by 15% with the new video module architecture, at no cost to performance.

Reduced the error of pedestrian and bicycle rotation by over 8% by leveraging object kinematics more extensively when jointly optimizing pedestrian and bicycle tracks in autolabeled datasets.

Improved geometric accuracy of Vision Park Assist predictions by 16%, by leveraging 10x more HW4 data, tripling resolution, and increasing overall stability of

Improved path blockage lane change accuracy by 10% due to updates to static object detection networks.

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