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Navigate on Autopilot Fork Initiation

Navigate on Autopilot Fork Initiation is expanding with 2022.16.1 new software update.

Release Notes:

Navigate On Autopilot Fork Initiation

Autopilot Improvements
for Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X
Only in Europa

Navigate on Autopilot has been updated to require a driver-initiated request before the vehicle will select a motorway exit or interchange. This driver-initiated request can be made by using the turn signal stalk shortly before the lateral maneuver is required. Please remain attentive and ready to initiate these maneuvers to remain on the navigation route. This update serves as a remedy to a noncompliance recall of the prior capability (not requiring a driver-initiated request) and only affects vehicles with the Navigate on Autopilot feature in markets that apply European (ECE) regulation.

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