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2023.32.4 Release Notes (FSD Beta v11.4.4)

New Language Support
New Feature

for Model S, 3, X and Y

You can now choose Hebrew as your touchscreen language.

To change the language, shift into Park, and go to Controls > Display > Touchscreen Language.

FSD Beta v11.4.4 Release Notes
Autopilot Improvements

for Model S, 3, X and Y (Not available in Germany)

– Improved short-deadline lane changes, to avoid going off-route, through better modeling of target lane vehicles to improve gap selection assertiveness.

– Improved offset consistency when controlling for static obstacles. Also improved smoothness when changing offset direction by adjusting speed more comfortably.

– Improved handling of oncoming cars on narrow unmarked roads by improving prediction of oncoming car’s trajectory and leaving enough room for them to pass before re-centering.

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– Improved Occupancy Flow prediction from the Occupancy Network for arbitrary moving obstacles by 8%.

– Expanded usage of the new object ground truth autolabeler for the NonVRU detection model, improving distant vehicle recall and geometry precision for semi-trucks, trailers, and exotic vehicles.

– Improved VRU control by expanding planning scope to control gently for low-confidence detections that may interfere with ego’s path.

– Improved handling for VRUs near crosswalks by predicting their future intent more accurately. This was done by leveraging more kinematic data to improve association between crosswalks and VRUs.

– Improved ego’s behavior near VRUs by tuning their assumed kinematic properties and utilizing available semantic information to classify more accurately their probability of intersecting ego’s path.

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– Improved Automatic Emergency Braking recall in response to cut-in vehicles and vehicles behind ego while reversing.

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